Today we ask that you make a commitment to share with our parish—a financial pledge for the coming months and a pledge of your time and talent. Please return your Time & Talent forms.
Thank you to all who contribute so much to our parish and make it such a center of Catholicism. We ask everyone to be involved, to do your share, and to live as a Christian.
Other facts regarding our parish budget:
We have 53 full-time and many other part-time people on the PAYroll here—these are not volunteers and so all expect a paycheck. We are also assessed $47,610 as our portion of the tuition for 138 St. Peter students at Helias.
We have not increased our parish offertory BUDGET in the past 3 years, as we have tried to be realistic. It is almost identical to IC’s offertory budget and almost $600,000 less than St. Joe’s.
Please be generous in considering your giving and remember the Diocesan standard for tithing—giving 10% of family income: 5% to the parish, 1% to the Diocese, and 4% to other charities.