Grades 4 – 8

Registration and completed Physical Exam form due before October 1, 2022.

Parent Meeting: First Practice (October)
Coaches Meeting:  First Practice (October)
Picture Day January 4, 2023

Registration Fee:  $40 per athlete

Students in grades 4-8 are eligible to participate in St. Peter Archery Program.

St. Peter is a member of the National Archery in Schools Program.  Before participating on the archery team students MUST have taken the instructional portion of the program taught annually in November as a part of the St. Peter PE curriculum.

There will be an informational parent meeting typically near the end of September and practices for fifth through eighth graders begins in October.  Fourth graders are allowed to begin practicing after taking the class in PE in November.

The school provides bows for participants to use but students can purchase and use their own bows but it must be the Matthews Genesis bow required by NASP.

NASP rules allow all eligible students to shoot as either an individual or as part of a school team.  Teams can have up to twenty-four members with at least four of the opposite sex.  Team members can change throughout the year.  St. Peter teams will be selected by the coaches based upon an average of practice scores prior to the first competition. Team selection after the first competition will be based upon competition scores factored with practice results.

All Archery participants are allowed to participate in all meets. Those not selected to the team are entered as individual archers.

To qualify to shoot at the State Archery Tournament an archer must participate in a minimum of two NASP certified tournaments and have a qualifying score or be a member of a team that meets the qualifying score standard. Participation in the State Tournament is not required.

Archers or teams that meet the national qualifying standards are invited to attend the National Archery Competition held in Louisville, KY annually.  Participation is not required.