Vogelweid Learning Center Information

Inspiring students to love God, their Catholic faith and learning.

Vogelweid Learning Center Information

Before applying to the Vogelweid Learning Center please contact Paula Wekenborg at 636-8922, ext. 550 to confirm if there are any openings.


The overall mission of Vogelweid Learning Center is to provide individualized educational opportunities for children with disabilities from any cultural, economic or religious background.


  • Offer learning and social opportunities that encourage the student to develop to their fullest God-given potential.
  • Instill a sense of self-confidence as a valued peer within the school community.
  • Instructed in the Catholic faith and exhibit Christian behaviors.
  • Program academics within the student’s instructional range within whole group and small group settings.
  • Coordinate on-site qualifying related services such as tutoring, speech/language, occupational, and physical therapies.

Enrollment and Admission

  • Students must meet all enrollment requirements of St. Peter Catholic School.
  • Parents/guardians must contact the Counselor or the Vogelweid Director to discuss the student’s special learning needs.
  • Students must have a recent (within last 2 years) written evaluation by a standardized instrument (typically through a public school system).
  • Priority will be given to students with multiple learning deficits.
  • Tuition students must make financial arrangements through the school office.
  • Students must be able to care for their own feeding, dressing, and independent toileting needs.

The Herman Huber Memorial Scholarship fund was established to help families with tuition costs. Application are reviewed on an individual basis based on the family’s financial need.