Student Activities

Inspiring students to love God, their Catholic faith and learning.

Student Activities

Christian Service

St. Peter Catholic School encourages students to share their time, talents, and strengths with others in need by performing community service hours. Service to others and the community gives students the opportunity to live their Catholic faith.

Students in grades 6 through 8 may earn this certificate. All service hours must be performed with an adult family member. Students do not perform service hours without the supervision of a parent.

At the end of the year awards ceremony students who complete eight or more hours of service from September through April will be recognized for their valuable contribution to others and the community.

Student hours log sheet.

Computer Science Club

As technology moves forward we want to offer our students a chance to move into the science of technology. Ms. Thoenen and Mrs. Struemph are working on putting together a Computer Science Club. We wish to introduce the students to what is known as Code (basic programming) and how science is used to develop technology.

Drug Free Clubs

DARE is an eleven week course experienced by seventh grade students regarding drug awareness and drug use prevention. The classes are one hour each week and are directed by a Jefferson City Dare Officer with classroom teacher input as needed. Students learn ways to say no to drugs, handle peer pressure, and gain an overall awareness of subtle societal pressures that may influence them to experiment with drugs, and alcohol. (Like: magazine ads, commercials, use of star sponsors, etc.

‘Just Say No’ is a program designed to encourage students to unite in a commitment to resist peer pressure to use alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. The program involves educational activities, recreational activities and service projects. All students in grades 4 & 5 participate.

Entrance Service Officers

Entrance Service Officers (ESO) are selected from the 8th grade class to monitor access to the school and assist as needed from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. to record tardy arrivals for the school office. These students may also be asked to perform special duties during the day as needed. ESO students are expected to demonstrate fairness, trustworthiness, and responsibility. Being remiss in performance of duties will be grounds for dismissal.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is a duty reserved for 7th grade students. The students are assigned to posts where they help students cross streets or help students to their points of pick up. Patrol members are on duty every day of the week before and after school. The Jefferson City police honor participants by providing them a picnic in May.

Student Leadership

The purpose of St. Peter Catholic School Student Leadership is to develop Christian Leadership, provide opportunities for responsibility and involvement in school functions, promote school spirit, and to represent the student body at meetings and other school activities. Student leadership is offered to students in grades 5-8.

Volunteer Student Staff

VSS is a program in which students are able to assist teachers and staff members as needed. Students are given the opportunity to participate in this program during their 8th grade year. Students decide which teacher they wish to volunteer for and create a schedule of when they can work for that teacher throughout the week, usually during library and homeroom times.