School Advisory Board

Inspiring students to love God, their Catholic faith and learning.

School Advisory Board

St. Peter Catholic School is an accredited Catholic elementary school recognized by the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. The St. Peter Catholic School Advisory Board advises the pastor and principal in developing school objectives and policies. The board recommends how best to carry out goals developed by the diocesan School Office, which, along with the Bishop, sets the direction of Catholic Education in the Diocesan Church.

St. Peter Catholic School Advisory Board meeting are normally held at 6:15 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise designated) in the Selinger Hospitality Center. Interested parents are welcome to attend except for executive sessions.

2021-2022 School Year

Jesse Pitts

Becky Schaefer

Jennifer Enjoe

Shannon Owens

Zach Pollock

Shane Boessen

Mark Veit – Assistant Principal, Dir. of Student Affairs

Gayle Trachsel – Principal

Fr. Jeremy Secrist – Pastor

Fr. Roberto Ike


Finance – Jesse Pitts

Foundation – Shannon Owens

Public Relations – Nancy Schmidt

Health and Safety – Becky Schaefer

Athletics – Mark Veit

 Property & Maintenance – Zach Pollock & Shane Boessen

Space & Enrollment – Richard Aubuchon

Special Projects – Nancy Schmidt & Shane Boessen

SAB Elections – Jesse Pitts