God's Outdoor Classroom

Inspiring students to love God, their Catholic faith and learning.

God’s Outdoor Classroom

St. Peter Catholic School outdoor classroom and memorial garden includes landscaped areas of the garden with pavers. These areas accommodate tables for the children to participate in outdoor classes and projects.

Some areas of the garden have pavers available for engraving to memorialize family members and friends. Each 6 inch by 9 inch paver has three lines of fifteen characters including the spaces between the words. The 6 by 9 pavers are available for purchase at $100.00 per paver. The $100.00 donation is tax deductible. In addition we have a limited number of 12 by 12 corner pavers that can be purchased for $1000. The purchase of one of these pavers allows us to buy a table for the garden area. A 12 by 12 paver has three lines of fifteen characters and you also have the option of an engraved picture. All proceeds from this project will go to help with the upkeep of the garden and to the Vogelweid Learning Center.

This area is used for the children of today and the future. It will also memorialize the parishioners and friends of St. Peter from the past who have touched our livers. As students use the garden they will be exposed to a sense of the history of St. Peter Parish.

For more information regarding the purchase of a paver or to make a donation please contact Betsy Lauf at blauf@stpeterjc.org or download a commemortive pavers form.