Grades 5 – 8

Registration and physical exam form Monday, Aug 1, 2022
Parent Meeting: Aug 10, 2022
Coaches Meeting: August 10, 2022
Selection Date: August 8, 2022 6:00-8:00 pm
Picture Day: August 31, 2022
Team Selection: Open to girls in grades 5-8.

Varsity – Refer to guidelines for basketball.  Normally, there will be one (1) varsity team.  Varsity tryouts will be open to only 8th grade students currently enrolled at St. Peter Interparish School.  Normally, the varsity team will consist of no more than ten (10) and no less than seven (7) players.

Junior Varsity –Refer to guidelines for basketball.  The number of teams allocated to the 7th or 8th grade JV will be determined by the number of participants.  Normally, no JV team will have more than ten (10) players or less than seven (7) players.

Due to a classes particular circumstances, the Athletic Committee may approve that a group of students participate at a more challenging level.

Fifth and Sixth Grade – Both 5th and 6th grade will be instructional in nature.  Coaches are directed to teach proper fundamentals, so our student athletes will have the proper skills to perform at more competitive levels.  Any 5th or 6th grade student currently enrolled at St. Peter Catholic School may participate in volleyball at their respective grade level.

Teams will be chosen evenly, with strong and developing players on each team, based upon each player’s performance at a tryout.  A selection committee may consist of the A. D., individuals selected by the Athletic Committee, Coaches, and a faculty member appointed by the principal.  Each participant is evaluated using the St. Peter Catholic School Athletic Committee evaluation form.  All members of this committee will have an equal voice when evaluating players.

Season: August – October

Playing Time
In PAL contests, guaranteed playing time is based upon policy set forth by PAL league officials.

Exceptions are tournaments, which may not have guidelines for playing time and have a focus on winning games.  In the case of these competitive tournaments, St. Peter Catholic School will be competitive and therefore participants may not have equal playing time.  Coaches shall have a written team policy signed by players and parents prior to the first game, which address this and other issues.  Coaches are empowered to adjust any team members playing time for non-compliance of team rules and missed practices.  A copy of each team’s policy will be given to the A.D. to be kept on file.  Again, please note, in tournaments, other than the PAL, there is no guaranteed playing time for St. Peter participants.  The policies regarding tournaments apply to all grades and sports.

Practice Time
Varsity and Junior Varsity – Normally, the varsity and junior varsity teams will practice no more than two (2) times a week.  Allotted practice times for each varsity and junior varsity team will not exceed 2 hours per practice.

Fifth & Sixth Grades – Normally, the Fifth & Sixth grades will practice no more than two (2) times a week.  Allotted practice times for each fifth and sixth grade team will not exceed 1 ½ hours per practice. Practices may be held at St. Andrew church in Holts Summit as well as St. Peter Interparish School and Selinger Center.

Athletes are given uniform jersey and shorts to be worn at all games.  Uniform Deposit is required.  Uniforms must be returned within one week after the completion of the volleyball season.  Players are required to purchase and wear knee pads to all games and practices.