Here is a place where you can belong, where belonging leads to believing, and believing leads to becoming all that God has planned for you!

St. Peter Parish invites you to take a deeper look at whether or not following Christ as a member of the Catholic Church is in your best interest. You’re invited, along with others who are searching, to a series of meetings called “Inquiry”—with no strings attached—to see what it means to be a part of the Catholic community, what we believe and how we try to faithfully live it together, becoming what God, in His goodness, intends. Meetings begin in September, but it would be helpful to hear from you well before that.

RCIA is a process, not a program or a course in adult religious education. It is about change of heart or conversion. It takes time for us to be aware of God working in our lives and for us to be open enough to listen to God speaking in our hearts. The Catholic Bishops require that the process should take nine months to a year. There are four steps to the process.