Ladies Sodality

We welcome you to be a part of Ladies Sodality!

St. Peter Ladies Sodality is an organization of devoted volunteers who dedicate our time and talents to many needs of the parish.  We provide service and assistance to the parish by providing volunteers, holding fund raising activities for donating to parish causes.  The Sodality provides an opportunity for the ladies of the parish who participate in its activities to socialize, fraternize, and become an active member of our parish family.

Our meeting days:

  • March or April. During Lent, on a Friday evening. Mary’s Way of the Cross.
  • May. Second Tuesday afternoon.  After St. Peter Social Hour.  May Crowning, salad supper, business meeting.
  • September. Second Sunday.  Mass attendance, breakfast, business meeting.
  • October.  First Wednesday, evening.  Card Party and Game Night.
  • November. First Sunday.  Sale A Rama, holiday crafts and gifts event.
  • December. Second Tuesday afternoon.  After St. Peter Social Hour.  Potluck (members bring dinner entrée or dessert to share), business meeting, Christmas donation project.

2023 September Meeting Minutes

2022 September Meeting Minutes


Summer quilting session for Card Party Quilt Raffle

In Service of Our Church

Funds from membership dues and proceeds from the annual October Card Party and Game Night are donated to St. Peter Parish to support purchase of altar bread, church laundry, and other necessities pertaining to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Membership & Dues

Funds from membership dues and proceeds from the annual October Card Party and Game Night are donated to St. Peter Parish to support purchase of altar bread, church laundry, and other necessities pertaining to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Card Party & Game Night

The first Wednesday evening in October, friends gather in Msgr. Hoog Hall enjoying a Card Party and Game Night!  Donations are received for raffle tickets, giving you a chance to win a beautiful quilt or other gifts donated by members of the Ladies Sodality.  For the cost of your admittance ticket, cake, coffee, tea, and the ever-popular attendance prizes are provided.

In order to make this annual Ladies Sodality fundraiser a success, parishioners are requested to bake a cake or donate a gift for attendance prize.  Card Party and Game Night is a fun evening – for those attending, playing cards, and for the many volunteers!


Sale-A-Rama!  This annual holiday craft and gift show is held in Selinger Centre the first Sunday in November, featuring country store, snack bar, and raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt. Typical booths include jewelry, sewn items, doll clothes, kettle corn, holiday crafts!

Event planning for Sale-A-Rama Committee begins in July.  Members organize the event, contact vendors who might be interested in hosting a booth, recruit volunteers, seek donations of quilt and prizes, and arrange publicity.  The country store and snack bar committee requests donations of homemade cookies, jelly, brownies, and plants.

Sale-A-Rama is THE major fundraiser of Ladies Sodality.  The first Sale-A-Rama was held in 1977.  Throughout these many years, Sale-A-Rama proceeds have contributed money towards St. Peter Capital Improvement Fund; bell tower repair; Selinger Centre restroom remodel; new carpet and vacuum system, and repair of stained glass windows in church; renovations in the Chapel; and purchase of card tables and chairs for Selinger Centre.

Special thanks to the Sale-A-Rama Committee, to the quilters for their time and talent to make the beautiful quilt which is raffled each year, to the volunteers in the Snack Bar and Country Store, to all the ladies who work at the door and at the quilt raffle table, and to all who help set up, take down, and clean up.  Sale-A-Rama would not happen or be a success, without all of you!  Many volunteers work hard to make the event possible.  And, thanks also to the parish, for your support of Sale-A-Rama, by your attendance and donations!

This is always a wonderful day.  Please join us in attending this yearly event, or volunteering with the dedicated and delightful Sale-A-Rama Committee.

Funeral Dinners

One of the most compassionate activities of St. Peter Church and Ladies Sodality is hosting, providing food, and serving meals for family members and friends following a deceased parishioner’s funeral.

This is a most-rewarding service that Ladies Sodality members provide to our parish.  How appreciative those families are!  Most times when you are helping at a funeral dinner, at least 4-5 family members will come to talk with the volunteers, expressing their gratitude for hosting the dinner!

 Two ladies serve as monthly chairpersons. They are in contact with a family member regarding the dinner.  The family of the deceased provide meat and bread.  Chairpersons and other ladies (and sometimes husbands) help set-up, prepare food, serve, and clean up. Parishioners who have signed up via Time and Talent, receive an email, requesting food items to be brought to the funeral dinner.  If they are available, these volunteers kindheartedly prepare and bring food entrees.

 This service is provided without charge to the family; however, donations are frequently given, and greatly appreciated.

Parish Receptions

Most times, Ladies Sodality, Welcoming Committee, and Holy Name (the St. Peter men’s association), and Parish Council are the first groups to be called to help at parish receptions and events.

If you would like to meet a terrific group of members of our parish, who work together and truly make a difference in our parish, join and participate in Ladies Sodality, Welcoming Committee, and Holy Name.


With annual membership dues of $5.00; with proceeds of Sale-A-Rama and Card Party; and with monetary donations from families, in thanks for ladies hosting funeral dinners, Ladies Sodality is fortunate to contribute monetarily to St. Peter Church.

Stewardship, Donations

Ladies Sodality is all about STEWARDSHIP!  Giving of our time (helping with church-related activities) and talent (donating money to church).

Each of us has been blessed by God with certain gifts and talents, and we are called to give back a portion of these blessings in thanksgiving for what we have.

Friendship & Service

We invite you to be a part of Ladies Sodality, a group of people who enjoy working together in lasting friendships, in service to our parish, in thanks and gratefulness to God for all that He has given to us.