Spirit Alive (Choir)

Spirit Alive began in 1996 as a small piano/guitar group and has grown into a full-sized choir with instruments. The name Spirit Alive was chosen by the group to communicate the uplifting character of its music. The choir members have a deep love for God and express that love through their music. We have grown in numbers and talent over the last several years and are able to sing a variety of choral selections at our liturgies! Blessed with the dedication of our members, we were able to put on a concert in the parish May 1, 2016. It was well received!

New singers and instrumentalists are always needed and welcome! Please contact Lisa Fender 636-8159 or Cindy Ruether 680-5104 if you are interested in becoming a member of Spirit Alive Choir!

Members: Rhonda Allen, Parker Barstow, Sharon Burnett, Ed Carter, Alfred Contreras, Jerry Dunn, Carol and Randy England, Terri Gentzsch, Mike Kivett, Mary Morrow, Jeff Pabst, Melinda Peak, Janice and Bob Phillips, Darin Rinehart, Matt Rockelman, Cindy Ruether, Phillip Rutledge, Doug Sneller, Mike Sundermeyer, Stephanie Summers, Mary Telthorst, Myra Rosskopf-Wolfe, Ceil and Tom Whalen, Lisa Fender.